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ESET Professional Services
Proactive, fast and effective server-to-endpoint protection

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ESET Professional Services complement ESET's powerful business security software solutions. Tap into the tools and knowledge of our team to diagnose and solve the unique information security challenges of your business.

By understanding the technologies you employ, the resources you manage and how they need to secure and support your business, we can quickly identify issues that require corrective action. To address those actions, we offer a catalog of defined services, from implementation and customization to training and support. Each engagement has a defined life cycle, and can be completed either onsite or remotely.

Our mutual goal is the same: to see that you get the most out of your investment in ESET information security products through professional consulting regarding computers and software.

Rip and Replace Migration Service

Transitioning to a new antimalware and security solution can be a challenge. Incomplete removal of the old software results in workarounds and lingering performance issues.

The Rip and Replace service completely removes the old software and installs your optimized new security solution while minimally impacting your end-users.

ESET Solutions for Businesses

ESET bundled business solutions are flexible and scalable to adapt to any IT environment.

To help you choose the bundle that best fits your business, the Professional Services team is ready to assist, and can also handle the deployment to take the load off your IT staff.

Build your solution

  • Rip and Replace migration
  • Deployment
  • Computer software consultation
  • Health check
  • Malware
  • Knowledge transfer


ESET Deployment Services

ESET Deployment Services are for customers requiring onsite or remote engineer assistance implementing ESET security products. This service is focused on deploying software within enterprise environments, displacing third-party solutions, eliminating inconsistent infrastructure services and ensuring complete endpoint protection. A unified management platform and client base will reduce confusion with configuration and systems management practices and ease your administrative overhead. ESET Deployment Service engagements include ESET Rip and Replace, custom Remote Administrator installation, and client upgrade assistance and custom software deployment services.

ESET Consulting Services

ESET offers consulting services for:

  • Administrative scripting
  • Software deployment
  • Custom reporting
  • Technical audits
  • Malware removal
  • Best practices
  • Incident response
  • Threat mitigation
  • Solution design including computer software

Our custom consulting services can be retained for any length of time, whether the need is for a single hour or long-term support.

ESET Endpoint Security Auditing Service

ESET Endpoint Security Auditing Service assesses your endpoint security while scanning for hidden malware through our award- winning advanced heuristics technology. By capturing key data from your network’s endpoints, ESET Endpoint Security Auditing Service presents an accurate accounting of your threat landscape, enabling you to address security issues before they result in lost revenue.

ESET Knowledge Transfer Service

ESET Knowledge Transfer Service offers customers instructor-led training. During the session (half-day or full-day depending on need), users will learn the fundamental and functional feature sets of the ESET Remote Administrator and the endpoint security solutions that report to it. ESET Knowledge Transfer Service engagements cover the following topics:

  • Remote installation
  • Policy management
  • Notification management
  • Updating
  • Configuration management
  • SysInspector
  • SysRescue
  • Scanning
  • Scheduling
  • Troubleshooting
  • ESET Endpoint Antivirus training
  • ESET Endpoint Security training
  • ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange training

ESET Health Check Service

ESET Health Check Service documents environment topologies running ESET endpoint security products. In a single comprehensive report, ESET will make recommendations to help your business achieve the full benefit of your ESET purchase.

The service includes the following:

  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Configuration settings document
  • Personnel evaluations
  • Remedial recommendations


Download the ESET Professional Services brochure (PDF).